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Jennifer Garner Had An Oscar Moment That Sparked A Meme... [LOL!]

We've all had that moment. The moment of realization that makes us stop whatever we're doing and react. It's just that when it happens to us, it's not at the Oscars and it's not nationally televised for millions to witness around the world. Jennifer Garner wasn't so lucky to have this moment missed by the cameras and it instantly made its way to the internet where plenty of people had fun with it. Check out some of the funny posts below...

bobby finger on Twitter

What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?

Cadet Bones Spurs and his admin can kiss my ass on Twitter

Jennifer Garner is every mom who has a night out with the girls for the first time in MONTHS then remembers the 3rd grader needs 100 cupcakes for tomorrow

Bubbie's T'Challa Recipe on Twitter

@bobbyfinger left oven on at home. stars: they're just like us.

Benjamin on Twitter

@bobbyfinger When you think you staying over but he hit you with the "your uber is here

♡ on Twitter

@bobbyfinger I recognize that look. It's the look of "damn it I left the flat iron on

Decervelage on Twitter

@bobbyfinger Somewhere else, at that exact same moment...

Brittany Rubinstein on Twitter

@bobbyfinger "Wait, I don't actually have to be here right now. I could be doing literally anything else.

Jake on Twitter

@bobbyfinger @AltrQueen Blackboard quiz due at 11:59

mike.crosby on Twitter

@bobbyfinger @_LaineyBoggs_ She really could save money with Geico

Peter Leja on Twitter

@bobbyfinger She finally realized what's in your wallet.