Halloween Tips and Tricks

Do you know what you’re going to dress up as for Halloween yet? We got the inside scoop on what some artists and their families are going to be this year! We also learned who used to get into mischief on Halloween.

Carly Pearce

“As a kid I was really into it. My mom used to throw unbelievable Halloween parties. Now I’m more minimal, I think, but Michael and I want to dress up together and do kind of the old school country couple situation. So, stay tuned.”


Thomas Rhett

“We’re all gonna be Little Mermaid. So, Lauren’s Ursula and Willa Gray is Ariel, Ada is Flounder, I’m Prince Eric and our dogs are Flotsam and Jetsam.”


Justin Moore

“I don’t even think I’ve heard the girls say what they’re going to be yet. So, it’s kind of sneaked up on us. I’m sure my wife will tell me what I’m gonna be, here shortly. That’s usually what happens. But I’m sure we’ll have a big party and everything again.  But I don’t know what anybody’s being right now. To be honest with you.”


Riley Green

“I feel like the worst Halloween mischief I got into was, we used to fork each other’s yards. Me and my buddies would like put a lot of forks in each other’s yard because it takes a long time to pick them up. It takes a long time to put them in there too, but it was the next day that was really the win.”


Brett Young

“Growing up, my mom handmade some of the best costumes. Unfortunately for her, I was like Superman four years in a row because I was obsessed. So she probably got tired of that.  But I always loved Halloween. As I got older I kind of grew out of it, but then about 10 years ago I started dating Taylor who loves it, as most girls do.  And so, if I’m gonna do it, I like to have fun with it.”


Brantley Gilbert

“Man, I don’t know. I don’t know. I’ve never been much of a dress up guy. I figure I’m the reigning worst dressed champ of the award shows in this genre.  I think I dress up enough. Like, I’m in a costume all day, every day. No, I don’t know. I don’t know if I can answer that one truthfully.”


Noah Schnacky

“I like things that are fun and have the big shock factor, but you don’t have to do much for them. Like one time I wore a morph suit. If you know what a morph suit is, it completely covers all of you. So, my friends were like, ‘Who is this guy? Looks like Noah.’ But there’s a couple of friends that are like my height and we’d go knock on my friends’ houses and when they answer the door we’d walk inside. The shock factor was that they had no idea who we were, so we were like strangers to them and we’d walk inside, and we were having so much fun doing that – there was me and my two friends and we were all wearing morphs suits – until one of our friend’s dads got a gun when we started walking inside.  And rightfully so! We were in morph suits.  We didn’t think things out as little kids.”



Mark Wystrach – “I think, for me it was on tour with Thomas Rhett last year in Sacramento.  Sacramento takes their Halloween very seriously, and they have one of the largest costume stores in the world, I think, and Thomas said everybody’s gettin’ dressed up for it.  So, Cameron was dressed as a sheik, Jess was dressed (pharaoh) as a pharaoh and I was dressed as, uhh …”

Cameron Duddy – “The Burger King.”

Mark – “As a king.”

Cameron – “Oh.”

Mark – “I wouldn’t say the Burger King, okay, but I was thinking like Prince Charming or something like that.  But we came out and … we also decided to have a couple drinks.”

Cameron – “We saved all the outfits, too, and we’ve got ‘em for this coming up Halloween.”

Mark – “That was fun.”


Eli Young Band

Mike Eli – “Last year she was Harley Quinn, which was really tough because she was infatuated with Harley Quinn and she wanted to watch Suicide Squad. It’s like, ‘Sweetheart you’re five. You cannot watch Suicide Squad. It’s not appropriate.’”


Florida Georgia Line

Tyler Hubbard – “Ahhh, I haven’t.  Hayley may have.  I’m sure Hayley’s probably got some tricks up her sleeve already, but I’ll probably just have to wait and see. I think Hayley will probably get us some sort of matching … pajamas, we have matching swimsuits.  So I’m sure Halloween will be another good excuse to match.”


Lady Antebellum

Charles Kelley – “Mine’s gonna be Spiderman.  He went ahead and had it on the other day.  It’s actually too small for him.  I might need to get him a bigger one, he’s growing so fast. 

Hillary Scott – “Eisele wants to be a peacock, and then we have a duck, a little duckling, and we have a pig.  Oh, it’s adorable.”

Dave Haywood – “Our family’s gonna do a little family costumes of The Incredibles, The Incredibles, with the mom and dad, and Dash, and I think it’s Violet maybe, the daughter.  But my son and my daughter – she’s the same age as the twins – she obsessed with that.  She just goes, ‘Cwedibles.  Cwedibles.’”