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No, it’s not a Circus Peanut Lobster – worst candies ever by the way. For the second time in just over 3 months an extremely rare Cotton Candy Lobster has been caught off the coast of Maine.

The lobster was caught by lobsterman Kim Hartley in Penobscot Bay. The odds of finding a Cotton Candy Lobster are 1-in-100 million and what’s extra crazy is that this is the second Cotton Candy Lobster that Kim Hartley has caught – he caught another 4 years ago. If lobsters were lottery tickets than he would be sitting pretty right now. But they’re not lottery tickets, they’re lobsters so pass the drawn butter.

Don’t worry, the lobster won’t be eaten. It’ll be ooh’d and ahh’d at for the rest of it’s life at an aquarium somewhere. And PS – the lobster doesn’t taste a dang thing like cotton candy.

Want to see the gorgeous, whimsical, marine crustacean? CLICK HERE for all the pics!