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Last night’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’ had an awkward twist involving Chase Rice and one of the contestants. Chase was performing for bachelor Peter Weber’s one-on-one date with Victoria Fuller where she’s seen crying after. Later in the show she reveals her and Chase used to date, which may not have been the truth. Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown spoke with Chase to get the full story.

Going into the performance Chase and his team were aware that Victoria was going to be on the show, but didn’t think it would be an issue.

“Well, that’s the thing, my people were just like, ‘Naw they’re not going to do that to you. Like, they’ve never done that in the history of the show, you’re fine. That’s not going to happen.’ And sure enough, we were wrong.”

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Ayla asked Chase if Victoria had heard his new single Lonely If You Are during the time they were dating which sometimes happens between significant others. Chase made a point to explain that these songs on the album were about his “actual ex-girlfriend” who he was very close with.

“But no, no, not with her. I sent it to my actual ex-girlfriend who I was actually dating at the time. It’s been a weird thing because the person that all these songs are about, the person that this album is about is not her. It’s about my actual ex-girlfriend. And no offense to her or anything, but the real story is no, that’s about a very real person in my life.  We were very close for years.”

Jonathan went on to ask if Chase he thought the producers were upset he handled the situation so well. Chase was sure they wanted more drama out of him, but this wasn’t his first time with reality TV, he’s previously been on Survivor.

“I literally started laughing on stage when they turned the corner and I was just I was like, ‘Really? This is this is really happening right now.’ And at the end of day, I was just like, you know what? This ain’t why I’m here. I got no real reason to talk about any of this. I don’t want these cameras in my face to discuss this. I want the cameras in my face to discuss Lonely If You Are“.

With all the talk about exes, Chase reveals he is currently single, but this brings up a headline from last summer where he was seen holding hands with Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman. Chase had performed at the Bruins 2019 Stanley Cup Final Party with Lil Nas X when he and Raisman were spotted at the game after.

“That’s another one of those funny ones for me, because it’s like they caught us holding hands? No, no Aly’s always been a friend to me. She’s awesome, Aly is a really cool girl. I’ve gotten to know her a little bit over the last year, but that’s all that was. We’re just we’re just buddies.” He later explains nothing “extracurricular” happened between them.

Chase then explained how he’s turning his Bachelor experience into something positive instead of negative.

“That’s like what I said in the beginning when it happened, I wasn’t very happy about it, but then I was like, you know, I’m gonna spin it, I’m gonna make it about the music. That’s all I can do, that’s all I can control, and I think I’ve done that”

Chase’s new album The Album is out now and you can hear his new single Lonely If You Are right here on Country 102.5. Check out the full interview below: