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Kobe Bryant signed a $40mil deal with Nike back in 2003, but since the death of the basketball star, you can no longer see any Kobe-related products on the site. It was speculated that it was because Nike wanted to limit the re-sell of the star’s merchandise so they wouldn’t be sold at a higher price later, but we’re learning that that’s not true..They simply SOLD OUT of all Kobe related merchandise on the Nike Website. Several consignment stores have vowed NOT to sell Kobe Bryant sneakers or will not allow price changes on the items so that sellers are unable to profit off his death. According to ESPN, his sneakers and merchandise have already seen a 200-300% spike in PRICES in just 24 hours. There is a petition to have the official logo of the NBA changed to a silhouette of Kobe, replacing that of former Lakers player Jerry West.

After Kobe merchandise sells out, Nike is evaluating how to handle future sales

Kobe Bryant's Nike collection sold out after the basketball star died in a helicopter crash on Sunday, and now the athletic company is figuring out its strategy for future new releases. The site where fans could buy Kobe Bryant's shoes, jerseys, shirts and gear has now been turned into a memorial page for the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Maren Morris has been rocking her baby bump lately, and showing the world on Instagram how cute she looks pregnant, but when asked what type of parents she and Ryan Hurd would be. She thinks she’s going to be the rule-setter and Ryan’s gonna be the fun one that they go to, to hang out. This is their first kid and they only have dogs, so she’s comparing the relationship they have with their dogs to how it MIGHT be as parents. She says she’ll tell us in a year. We’ll be waiting!

Maren Morris Believes She Will Be a Stricter Parent Than Husband Ryan Hurd

With only a little bit of time until Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd welcome their first child into the world, Morris is opening up about the type of parent she thinks she will be, as well as her husband. The singer predicts she will be the stricter parent, and Hurd will be more laid back, although she [...]



Dog the Bounty hunter did something super spontaneous on Dr. Oz…or was it spontaneous? As we all remember, he lost his wife Beth just a few months ago. Beth’s former assistant, Moon Angel, has always been a friend to Dog. Well Dog has been seeing her the past few weeks romantically and while he was on Dr. Oz show with her, he shocked everyone by asking Moon to Marry him! Sources told TMZ that he revealed that he was talking to God in the bathroom during a break and God told him he should propose. But sources to the family say that’s not true. Either way we will have to find out on Monday during he Dr. Oz show.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Appears to Propose to Moon Angell 7 Months After Wife Beth Chapman's Death

Is Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman ready to walk down the aisle again? In a new teaser from Dog's upcoming appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, the Dog's Most Wanted reality star appears to propose longtime friend Moon Angell, seven months after his beloved wife Beth Chapman's death from cancer complications.


Shaun Weiss, who was famous for playing Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks was arrested again. If you forget the movie, he was the goalie. Well, he is not looking good these days. He was arrested for breaking into someone’s car inside their garage. He was booked into Yuba Country Jail and his bail has been set at $52,500. By the look of his mug shot, and the way that he was acting according to police, it’s safe to say that he was on very hard drugs…meth.

'Mighty Ducks' star Shaun Weiss arrested for residential burglary, meth after breaking into stranger's car

" Mighty Ducks" star Shaun Weiss was arrested over the weekend for residential burglary and being under the influence of meth, Fox News can confirm. The former actor, 40, was arrested on Sunday at 6:59 a.m. in Marysville, Calif. for breaking into a person's garage and gaining entry into their car, according to a statement released by the Marysville Police Department.


Lots of sports news today and this one is just weird. A porn website is offering free HD webcams to the KC Chiefs and the SF 49ers players to set up inside their homes during the Superbowl week. They say the offer isn’t a gateway into porn…it’s a security measure to ward off potential thieves! Their thought is once the cameras are installed, players can live stream from their homes 24/7 to monitor their property while they’re out of town. OK YA RIGHT!! This is literally a burglary waiting to happen! Now if I’m a thief I can SEE what’s inside the home!!

Super Bowl Players Offered Free Webcams from Live Sex Site

Getty Composite Patrick Mahomes , Jimmy Garoppolo and all the other players preparing for Super Bowl 54 can stay focused on the game, instead of worrying about home burglaries ... thanks to a live-sex porn site. Yeah, you read that right.