During this time we just have to remember to keep on truckin, and I can’t wait to bring light to this local truck driver’s story next in it feels good.

Photo provided by Emily Ann

Thank you to our Truck Drivers!

“Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an Amen?”

And right now, I’m singing it loud and proud for a certain community who sometimes falls under our radars. We assume that goods, food, building supplies and even toilet paper arrive out of thin air, but who delivers it? Truck drivers!

Emily Ann is one of the few women who drives a big rig for a living. It’s an industry mostly “driven” (no pun intended) by men, but its because of that that she loves her job. She loves to prove to the men that she’s just as good at driving her 1995 peterbilt 379 then they are. To Anyone who doesn’t know what a 1995 peterbilt 379 is, it’s a very long, large car.

Emily Ann goes by the name Trucker Barbie on Instagram and that’s the nickname her friends on the road have given her.

Oh how I love doing brick deliveries ???????? #truckingdogs #brick #flatbedmafia #flatbed #flatbedlife #flatbedder #hardwork #bossassbitch #workingdog

412 Likes, 7 Comments - Emily Ann (@truckerbarbie) on Instagram: "Oh how I love doing brick deliveries ???????? #truckingdogs #brick #flatbedmafia #flatbed #flatbedlife..."

Her truck is out of Walpole and you can say that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Her grandfather was a truck driver his whole life and sadly passed away a few years ago, but it was because of him that she found the beauty of the open road and in 2011, Trucker Barbie got her license to drive.

Right now she is an essential worker during these times. She delivers for Manning Trucking and her job is to deliver anything building-related. That means mom & pop stores, big box stores, job sites, and more.

Emily Ann recognizes that truck drivers are essential and that’s why she is proud to do her job. But she’s not the only one right now putting herself at risk so we can get the goods that we need.Check out her message to her fellow truck driver in the audio above!