Tom Brady is moving into the Hollywood game. He just announced that he’s launching a new production company with the guys who directed Avengers: Endgame.Tom will be producing documentaries, films and TV shows from his new production company 199 Productions. The first project will be “Unseen Football” and Tom said “When I was the 199th draft pick in 2000, I knew I needed to work hard every day to prove myself. Launching a production company is no different.”So this makes me think he will play out west next season….

Where Is Tom Brady Going Next? Hollywood, To Launch 199 Productions With Help From 'Avengers: Endgame' Directors Joe & Anthony Russo

EXCLUSIVE: The big question in sports right now remains whether six-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady finishes his career with the New England Patriots or signs as free agent elsewhere. Deadline has learned that Hollywood will be part of the long term plan for the record setting quarterback, with the help of the directors of the all time biggest grossing film.

John Krasinski is hosting SNL for the first time March 28 and he was on Stephen Colbert trying to teach Stephen how to do a Boston accent! Watch it HERE:

Watch John Krasinski teach Stephen Colbert a Boston accent - The Boston Globe

When the Newton native visited "The Late Show" Monday night to promote "A Quiet Place Part II," he tried to teach Colbert how to do a proper Boston accent, starting with the biggest mistake people make when attempting one. "Stay casual. Because people, when they do a Boston accent, they're like, 'Hahvahd yahd cah pahk!'


Amanda Bynes has been sent to a psychiatric facility after meeting with a judge over her conservator case. I guess the “secret” meeting included Amanda, her parents, and Paul Michael, the guy that she met and got engaged to in AA. Her fiancé, Paul who we reported broke up with Bynes, actually didn’t break up with her! According to Paul he says Amanda is NOT ordered to go to a hospital. She’s ordered to go to a residential treatment, which is called inpatient, but she’s not in a hospital.

Amanda Bynes' fiancé speaks out on engagement, psychiatric treatment

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael are still together, according to Michael himself. Bynes' fiancé spoke to Page Six on Tuesday and said they're still engaged despite appearances, as someone "hacked" their Instagram accounts and removed their photos. "Both of our instas got hacked and someone deleted our pictures and sent dms [direct messages] saying we broke up," Michael told us.


While many TV shows are canceling their live audiences, The Bachelor desperately wants to continue taping it’ “After the final rose” show in front of a live studio audience, so all audience members just sign a document saying they haven’t traveled within the past three weeks to or through a location that has been deemed Level 3 by the CDC. For those who can’t confirm any of what’s in the form, producers say they are happy to work with them to re-book for a later date.

'Bachelor' Audience Grilled About Coronavirus, Has to Sign Disclosure

ABC "The Bachelor" desperately wants to continue taping its 'After the Final Rose' show in front of a live studio audience, but hardcore fans first gotta come clean about the coronavirus.

Harvey Weinstein’s asking for mercy…a 5 year prison sentence. His lawyers filed legal documents late Monday, laying out personal matters they want the judge to consider in handling the sentence…like the fact that since The New Yorker article was published in 2017, his life has been destroyed, his wife divorced him, he was fired from the Weinstein company, and in short, he lost everything. The 67 year old faces a maximum of 29 years in prison for a criminal act in the first degree and rape in the 3rd degree.

Harvey Weinstein will be sentenced today to between 5 and 29 years in prison

Harvey Weinstein will be heading to prison after his sentencing hearing on Wednesday. The question before the judge is for how long.


Carly Pearce says she wants to raise awareness for people with body issues, because she’s struggled with her own body for almost her whole life. The 29 year old says that she was bullied as a child. She was always the tall girl and never felt comfortable in her own skin. She was told to lose weight in previous shows when she was young so when she moved to Nashville she was scared. Now that she’s married to Michael Ray she says he’s helped her feel beautiful but one thing Carly is NOT OK with body shamer’s on the internet and has actually called out certain people who questioned her body on social media.

Carly Pearce Reveals Lifetime Struggle With Body Image Issues

Long before Carly Pearce was famous, she struggled with body image issues, which she is now opening up about. The 29-year-old reveals it is an ongoing battle for her, with some days, and nights, harder for her than others."I've struggled with body image issues my whole life,' Pearce told her [...]