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Lindsay Ell called into Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown to talk about her new album Heart Theory and how her past has influenced her current sound.

Lindsay’s sophomore album Heart Theory  came out Friday and she’s been waiting three years to release this album. “It feels truly amazing to finally get this body of work out there and seeing all the fan’s reactions over the weekend was so crazy.”

Releasing an album during the pandemic has made things unpredictable, but Lindsay is making the best of it. Usually, she would be traveling around the world, sharing her new music. Instead, she did a 24-hour live stream; this allowed her to be featured in every time zone around the globe, starting in Tonga.

On July 7th Lindsay shared a powerful message about her experience with sexual assault; this inspired many other women to share their stories, including Ayla Brown. Ayla asked how this experience influenced her new album. “I never talked about my story as a little girl up until this point and I just felt so deeply that this was the moment to do that.”

About three years ago, Lindsay spoke to children at Youth For Tomorrow who were victims of sexual assault. After that day, she knew she had to share her story. She didn’t want to feel like she was holding back the opportunity to help other people. She also launched her own foundation to let other survivors know they’re not alone. “If I would’ve had somebody to hold my hand as a 13-year-old girl or the 21-year-old girl and tell me, ‘Lindsay, it’s going to be okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. We’re going to get through this together.’ I think I would’ve healed so much faster. ”

Listen to the full interview below and find more info about Lindsay’s organization Make You Movement HERE.