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Shocking Video of Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Being Shot

New Video of Lady Gaga Dog Abduction Shows Shooting and Getaway

TMZ has obtained dramatic, upsetting video, of the actual confrontation between the shooters and Lady Gaga's dog walker which ended with the dog walker shot and 2 of her dogs stolen.

Warning: The video is graphic.

Dramatic video was captured and sent to TMZ that shows the dramatic shooting of Lady Gaga’s dog walker.

You’ll see in the video that a white sedan rolls up to Lady Gaga’s dog walker named Ryan Fischer. Two men get out of the car and say “give it up.”

Ryan puts up a fight, screams at the top of my lungs saying leave me alone, and then the gun goes off, right into Ryan’s chest.

Two out of the three French bulldogs were stolen. The one that escaped was taken away by the police to keep her safe and then her bodyguard later picked her up at the station.

Lady Gaga has offered a $500k reward for their return.

She’s currently in Rome and right now there are no suspects but they’re saying the motive is resale. Thieves know you can get a couple thousand dollars for French bulldogs.