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This Dorchester Man Is Leaving You A Present…

But Only If You Can Find It

There’s something really soothing about sitting alone on your bed and listening to a great song, or getting lost in a book, or the peaceful feeling of paint going off of your brush and onto a canvas.
With so much stress in the world, the silent moments become even more powerful, and Jake Garcia from Dorchester totally knows that.
Jake lives in Dorchester, he’s a nursing student, and he has a passion for painting. He paints what he sees…like the Boston Public Garden and South Boston.
And when he’s finished with the oil painting (which I hear is super hard by the way), he posts a picture of the painting on social media and says where he’s going to leave it.
He claims he doesn’t bring the painting home because it’s too messy to walk home with. The oil paint tends to get all over your clothes if it’s not fully dry.
So he sets up in a location, paints, posts a pic of it on social media, and then walks away. The first person who finds it, keeps it.
He doesn’t make any money by this “paint it and leave it” method. He does it partly out of necessity because he doesn’t want the responsibility of bringing his work home with him, and partly because he just wants to make people happy.
It’s become like a treasure hunt too. The first person who sees it, gets it…sorry twitter, you have to act fast. On the back of each painting he writes his initials and then his twitter and instagram handles.
So keep an eye out Boston! You might find a painted treasure!

Check Out Some of Jake’s Work!