BFIT Heroes Hockey Cup Tournament

If you like hockey, and you support our police, fire and military, there’s an amazing tournament that’s raising a TON of money for almost 80 charities  

Five years ago, Sudbury firefighter Mike Matros played a friendly game of hockey against a neighboring town. For one game and one game only they put it all out on the line. He explains that while they were civil, the competition was intense, and so was the fundraising. In just three hours both hockey teams from the firehouses raised $25,000!

Photo Provided by Mike Matros

After the success of that game, all of Mike’s friends suggested that he do this for real and start an actual hockey tournament!

It wasn’t until he was at a funeral for a firefighter when he thought, “Man, I don’t want to keep seeing all of my friends at funerals, maybe I should start up that hockey tournament.” And that’s exactly what Mike did.

Four years ago he started a non-profit and the BFit Heroes Cup Hockey Tournament came to life. It quickly became THE place to play, and watch if you were a hockey player.

Photo Provided by Mike Matros

But here’s the kicker. You have to be a current, or former member of police, fire or military to play, and ALL of the money goes to charity. This year due to COVID there’s only 90 teams, but they come from all around the country. Each team is raising money for their own fundraiser. Back in 2019 they set a record $600k raised by the teams.

And this year? COVID mandates and restrictions have been lifted and spectators are allowed back in the arena to cheer on these rough and tough men and women, playing the game they love with the people who have their back on and off the ice.

Today, the Heroes Cup hockey tournament is the world’s largest police, fire, military hockey tournament in the world. At the end of the weekend this team benefit 78 charities and they hope to raise over half a million for those 78 charities.

Photo Provided by Mike Matros

For three days, from June 11-13th at the New England Sports complex in Marlboro you can watch intensity on and off the ice. These men and women on 90 hockey teams have worked for 6 months getting the word out, training, and fundraising.

Photo Provided by Mike Matros

Suggested donation of only $10. Go to for all of the information!