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One school is so fed up with losing money on school lunches, it’s turned to a collection agency for help.

Parents of students at Cranston Schools in Rhode Island will have to pay up if they want to keep the charges off their credit report.

According to WTSP, in 2016-2017, the school had over 90,000 in unpaid school lunches.

Now, just a few months into the new school year, the school district has reported that students have already accumulated $45,000 in unpaid school lunches.

A total the school says it cannot continue to write off.

Therefore, it has turned to a collection agency to help recover the costs.

Admittedly, the school said it has tried repeatedly to collect the money due for unpaid school lunches, but insists parents have not been forthcoming with the money.

Perhaps they will be more inclined to pay when they receive their letter from the collection agency.

Do you agree with the district’s decision to turn to a collection agency?

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