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We always knew Dierks Bentley was a talented guy. He writes, he sings and plays. He even plays hockey. His performances are enthralling. And he’s always shown his sense of humor, but this is a whole other level. Look out world, it’s Dierks the ice dancer! It’s Blades Of Glory gone country!

To announce the next leg of his Burning Man Tour, which appropriately kicks off in Canada (tour-mate Tenille Townes home country), Bentley got to show off his skating skills in this hysterical video, also starring tour-mate Jon Pardi.

Seriously, I laughed so hard watching this, I snorted.

Dierks in that figure skating onesie is a vision I will have a hard time erasing from my mind. And Jon Pardi drinking a beer while been lifted by Bentley just made my day.

And I love Tenille’s reaction


Even Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon chimed in!


More of these videos… please!

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