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Now that Carrie Underwood is in Europe playing shows on her “Cry Pretty Tour,” the girls of Maddie and Tae are off the road with a summer vacation in mind.

Although they spend so much time together working, they are still best friends and are even going to spend their time off together.

Maddie Marlow shares with us, “Our summer plans are: [we’re] going to Cabo together very soon. Yes, we are celebrating so many things – the tour, my birthday – and we’re getting our hunky men out and we’re doing a couple’s retreat. Wait, is that the movie? Couple’s Retreat?” Tae adds, “Oh my God! Let’s get a crazy yoga instructor.” Marlow pipes in, “The boys will freak out. It’ll be awesome. Omigosh. We’ll video it all.”

Marlow continued, “I think just turning our brain(s) off. I sometimes think whenever you’re performing in this crazy world that we live in, it’s just hectic and you’re traveling, and just staying put in one place for a week or so and just getting to turn off the brain completely. And then I feel like we’re going to be so creatively, just like, rejuvenated after that.”

The duo will join Carrie back on tour in September.

-Nancy Brooks