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After the success of Rascal Flatts’ Jay Demarcus’ personal book Shotgun Angels, the other guys in the group are thinking about putting pen to paper in a group memoir.

When asked about what impact the book has had on the group, Joe Don Rooney joked, “Oh, we’re really pissed off at him. We don’t like him anymore. No, you know what? I think it’s phenomenal. I’m proud of Jay. It’s not easy to open up and share things with the outside world that don’t know what’s going on with you and your inside world. It’s brave and it’s bold and we’re proud of him.”

The guys also joked that there may be another book written by the whole group, and Gary LeVox says, “The real story’ll come out with the Rascal Flatts book when we finished writing that. You thought you knew, but you have no idea.”

Whether or not Rascal Flatts will write a tell-all book as a group is still yet to be determined.

The guys are currently in the middle of their Summer Playlist Tour.

-Nancy Brooks