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MADRID, SPAIN - JANUARY 13: Actor Will Smith attends "Seven Pounds" photocall at Teatro Real on January 13, 2009 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Here we go again… Remember a few years ago when the Internet went crazy over whether the dress was black and blue or gold and white? Now there is another picture floating around doing the same thing.

Will Smith posted a video explaining that he saw an image of a shoe online and showed it to the people around him. People either thought the shoe was pink and white, or gray and teal. In another video, he’s going around a restaurant showing people the picture to see what colors they see.

Which colors do you see?? ????

1.2m Likes, 54.8k Comments - Will Smith (@willsmith) on Instagram: "Which colors do you see?? ????"

He also posted an explanation of why people saw different colors. He explains, “Right and left dominant brain, if ur right brain is dominant, u will see combination of pink and white color, and if ur left brain is dominant, u will see it in grey and green color.”

Lizzo also posted the same photo, which led to fans in the comments arguing over the picture all weekend. One wrote, “It’s grey and teal, and if you see anything else you need to seek help.” Another wrote, “I don’t get it, it’s pink and white.”

Look at the photo below and decide: Is the shoe pink and white, or is it teal and gray?

I SEE GREY & TEAL BUT MY WHOLE TEAM SEES PINK & WHITE HELP ????????????????????????????

296.1k Likes, 34k Comments - Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) on Instagram: "I SEE GREY & TEAL BUT MY WHOLE TEAM SEES PINK & WHITE HELP ????????????????????????????"