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Justin Moore is raising his four children in the church of country music. Moore says that his kids – Ella, 10, , Kennedy, 8, Kline, 5 and South – even shared their opinions about his music.

He says, “They offer plenty of opinions. They’ll tell me like, ‘Hey, play ‘Point at You,’’ but they don’t really get into my music too much.”

Even though his daughters aren’t mega-fans of his music specifically, Justin says, “They like music and if I’m listening to like, a sports station or something, listening to a game or whatever, they’ll go, ‘Dad, turn it on country music.’ So when they do want to hear music, they want to hear country music, which I’m proud of.”

He adds, “They have opinions about a lot of things but music’s typically not one of them, at least yet. I’m sure as they get older and get a little more sassy that they will.”

Moore often shares pictures of his kids on his social media including this post from after Christmas.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and has a safe and happy New Year! Side note, I think South and I are becoming more alike... LOL

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