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It’s the most dramatic season ever… you can count on hearing that at least once tonight!

Get ready as pilot Pete, from last season’s The Bachelorette, who almost won Hannah B’s heart, makes a return to ABC. And… so does Hannah Brown! Come on, you knew it had to happen.

Here’s a little preview of the new season of ABC’s The Bachelor:

I don’t know what it is about this silly series that has me hooked, every season, even though, honestly, it’s a little embarrassing. But it’s definitely addictive. So, yeah… I’ll be hanging with Pete, Hannah, Chris Harrison, and all the flight attendants! That’s right, there are 3 flight attendants vying to be Pete’s co-pilot.

The Bachelor Peter Weber 'Everyone and their Mother is a Flight Attendant' Preview

Peter's search for his soul mate takes off to new heights on premiere day when a few women earn their wings on a daring group date plus other romantic dates - a first ever on a bachelor premiere - and will feature a special surprise visitor who has everyone talking!

They call it reality tv, but seriously this stuff is so far from it.

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