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Tim McGraw believes we should be grateful for those who serve our country every day, but especially on days like Memorial Day, which is today (5/25).

McGraw has a lot of connections to the military in his family, which is why he thinks it’s especially important on days like Memorial Day and Veterans Day to honor the men and women who serve our country. He says, “My sister was in the Army in the first Iraq War. She was in Army Intelligence and my uncle was in Vietnam. My grandfather was in the Navy in World War II.”

He continues, “Faith’s got an uncle who was in the Navy. I’ve got my cousin, Johnny, who is in the Army now. So, there’s so many people. One of our best friends, Danny Knight – Lieutenant Colonel Special Forces, has been in the middle of some of the worst things that you can think of – is one of our best friends.”

When Tim thinks about what compels people to volunteer to serve our country, and potentially put themselves in harm’s way for our freedom, he says, “It’s just a heart of service, I think. It’s the willingness to go out and do things and sacrifice your life – not only your life, but your family, all the things that they have to suffer, you’re willing to go do that so we can all be safe, so we can all live the life that we lead, and that we can do the things that we do, and have the freedoms that we have. They’re just special people.”