Country 102.5 Superstar Mini Concerts

We Are All In This Together

This is it…Scotty McCreery was our latest Superstar Mini Concert! Find out more about the inspiration behind his songs and how happy his dog Moose is to have everyone home.


Scotty has been home with wife Gabi and they’ve been spending their time like a lot of us…snacking. “Sometimes we walk around probably four or five times a day. It seems like we’re getting our exercise to counteract the snacking.”


This Is It  is one of Scotty’s favorite songs he’s written. It tells the story of his proposal, “I was going to ask her in like two weeks up in the mountains, North Carolina, to me to be my wife and to marry me.”


Still  was also written for Scotty’s wife, “This one man, it’s just all about my wife and I’ve known her a long time, and we go all the way back to the kindergarten class.”


All three songs Scotty performed were from his album Seasons Change  which was written over five years. A lot happened for him over those five years, some good, some bad. “This album really, it really changed my life, I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this thing and worked hard on it for right around five year we worked on this thing .”