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Dolly Parton always said she looked like a cartoon character and now she has become one in her two holiday videos from her Holly Dolly Christmas album.

The first cartoon was with Michael Buble for their Christmas duet “Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas” and the second, which was released today (12/4) for “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” a duet with Jimmy Fallon.

The latest video shows Parton and Fallon singing over “Vroom” (a cartoon version of Zoom) and getting ready for a fictional drive-in concert together in Nashville as Dolly rides on Santa’s sleigh and Jimmy travels on trains, cars and planes to get together.

Dolly Parton - All I Want For Christmas is You (with Jimmy Fallon) (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Dolly Parton and Jimmy Fallon's song "All I Want For Christmas is You" from Dolly's album 'A Holly Dolly Christmas.'Executive Pr...


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