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Tim McGraw’s new collaboration with Tyler Hubbard is a timely song called “Undivided.”

Tim says, “Music gives us hope and brings us together in a way nothing else can. This doesn’t mean we don’t have work to do. Quite the opposite. I loved the positivity of this song and that it called me to check myself and to remember that love is bigger.”

He adds, “It’s why I knew this song had to be my next single with Tyler as soon as he sent it to me.”

The lyrics of the song written by Hubbard and Chris Locke include, “I think it’s time to come together / You and I can make a change / Maybe we can make a difference / Make the world a better place / Look around and love somebody / We’ve been hateful long enough / Let the good Lord reunite us / ‘Til this country that we love’s / Undivided.”

Hubbard wrote the song while quarantining on his bus, parked outside of his house, after getting positive COVID-19 test.

“Undivided” will be released on Friday (1/15).

McGraw provided fans with a clip of the new song via his Instagram. See that post HERE.

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