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The Brothers Osborne recently made national headlines when T.J. Osborne came out as a gay man and the country music community rallied around him.

The brothers have never been the type to shy away from tough subject matters or political ones when asked by fans or on their social media. John Osborne told us, “I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that when an artist does speak up, especially if it’s not in the favor of the popular opinion of their demographic, we know that it isn’t going to help us as far as maybe making as much money, but I think the biggest thing you’re always afraid of is being a pigeon, is being a sell out.”

He added, “I respect opposing opinions and in country music, that’s the thing is that they’re very opinionated people who are very outspoken and constantly are the voices for the unheard. We know that there is a lot of country listeners that maybe don’t agree with what the loudest voices in our genre sometimes are. And we just want to speak up for them and know that they’re being heard and that we’re a champion for them.”

T.J. added, “I don’t really view a lot of our opinions to be political. We only really speak up when it just is a difference between just sheer morality of right and wrong. And there’s just some things where I’m like, you know, this is just hard to be quiet. At the end of the day, we are people, even though we might have some fame and notoriety that doesn’t strip us of our right to free speech.”

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