Beef, Chicken, Seafood, or Vegetarian.

FOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

Dunkaroos are back, Taco Bell is adding a plant based “protein” and Dunkin Donuts is going coconuts!


If you’re a an ’80’s or ’90’s kid, you definitely had Dunkaroos with your lunch at school. Now the classic treat is back!

Last year in the middle of the pandemic Dunkaroos found their way back onto grocery shelves. And people loved it so much that they’re not bringing back everyone’s favorite…. Chocolate Dunkaroos!!!!!




Taco Bell is rolling out the test phase for their new “plant based protein substitute”. They’re calling it the Cravetarian


The fully vegan taco claims to give you the full Taco Bell experience with no meat and only 180 calories!



Finally, Dunkin Donuts is getting into the Coconut Milk game



Starting today Dunkin will offer four new Coconut Milk based options. You can also substitute coconut for regular milk in any of their standard drinks. This is in addition to its Oat Milk options which were added last year


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