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Like most of the rest of us, Lady A’s Hillary Scott hasn’t been to a concert in over a year and when it’s time to go back and see shows, she has something in mind for her first concert: Grammy winner Harry Styles.

Hillary told us, “I really, really want to see Harry Styles and take my little sister who’s gonna be 21 in August.” Dave Haywood pipes in, “Me too I wanna go.” Hillary continues, “She (her sister) truly introduced me to that album (Fine Line) and I fell in love with it.”

Scott also shared that she and her husband had a recent date night and saw some live music for the first time. She went to a restaurant/venue that was following social distancing protocols. “They were at half capacity and they had live music and they had this incredible female artist who was playing guitar by herself and I almost didn’t even know how to handle it.”

Hillary adds, “So any concert would be amazing.”

Lady A's Hillary Scott Wants to see Harry Styles in 2021

Lady A's Hillary Scott Wants to see Harry Styles in 2021

Lady A just released a brand new sonf called “Like A Lady.”

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