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Luke Bryan has a lot on his plate these days including a new docu-series “My Dirt Road Diaries,” he also signed back up for American Idol, he’s now on tour, and he’s even on the cover of People magazine this week.

One of Luke’s newest passions is something he started to learn during the pandemic when he purchased a helicopter. One that he pilots.

While Bryan says he will never fly solo and has a trained pilot with 20 plus years of experience with him on each flight, he does like to take his friends and family for a spin when he can.

Luke shared with us, that one of his passengers was his mother Claire, who was a bit apprehensive when he expressed his newfound love.

He said, “Obviously, when you call your mother and say ‘Hey, I’m in a helicopter these days,’ most mothers won’t like that but once she got in there and got comfortable… I think with anything, your lack of knowledge of something gives you anxiety.”

Bryan adds, “I think that was a big reason why I wanted to learn, and if I’m looking at all these gauges and I know everything is going smoothly, you know it’s just something fun.”

Luke also can now compare flights logs with his buddy Dierks Bentley. He offered, “I’ve always had a little envy of Dierks Bentley. Dierks and I have this intellectual competition going on where he can’t out-intellect me. Dierks is like savant smart so, I like to try and challenge my goofy savant smartness against his. So we’re both aviators now and he can’t one-up me in the aviator game.”

Claire Bryan recently posted her first flight in a chopper on Instagram. She wrote along with a video clip of the ride, “My first helicopter ride. Luke’s flying us. Real pilot also here. Damn I shoulda went shopping.”

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