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Chris Young has seven total nominations for the ACM Awards on March 7, and most of his nominations are with his friend and collaborator Kane Brown.

Chris told us, “You know, being able to celebrate multiple nominations on a song like ‘Famous Friends’ with my buddy Kane Brown is just absolutely incredible. I mean, this song has really taken on a life of its own. And I know he’s singing it at shows, and I’ve sung it at shows, and every single time that it’s one of us, or both of us together on stage somewhere, the reaction is just absolutely incredible.’

He added, “So, definitely pumped to be able to celebrate these noms with him.”

As for the recognition itself, Young admits it seems a bit surreal. He said, “Honestly, having seven nominations at the ACM Awards is just still something I can barely wrap my brain around. I know that it’s real because I’ve talked to everybody, and my phone has blown up, and everybody’s talked to me about how cool it is. But, you know, just when you get down to it, I’ve never been the most nominated artist at any award show ever. And for the very first time that it happens, for it to be the ACMs, that is something that is just incredibly special.”

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