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Kane Brown has been doing interviews promoting his new radio single “Like I Love Country Music,” and he’s been talking about what his music career allows him to do for his family.

Kane told American Songwriter, “I love my family to death. My wife is Superwoman. She’s up every morning at 6 a.m. with the kids. I tell her every time I come downstairs, ‘You’re Superwoman.’ There’s no way I can wake up that early. But I just love them to death.”

He added, “I love that I get to give them a life I never got to have. That’s what I’m working for now. I’m working to set them up in the future.”

Recently, Brown posted a photo on Instagram holding both his young daughters. He captioned the image, “Coco melon with vomit on the shirt… Doesn’t get much better.”

His wife Katelyn responded, writing, “My world in one picture.”

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