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Grammy winning duo Brothers Osborne played for over 65,000 screaming fans at CMA Fest on Saturday night (6/11) in Nashville. But being country stars doesn’t mean that everyone knows ¬†who you are: the guys got bumped out of first-class on an airplane flight on Monday (6/13). Needless to say, they weren’t happy about it.

John Osborne, who rocked a six-minute guitar solo in their CMA Fest performance, posted a photo of himself making an expletive sign on his Insta stories. He wrote over the image, “First world problem Alert: Got bumped out of First because our seats ‘Did not exist’ and given a $300 voucher which doesn’t even cover the difference. For real.”

He then posted to Insta stories, “Side Note: A person we were traveling with got bumped up to first class.”

Brothers Osborne