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Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA townscape.

New Hampshire’s 2020 title of Most Patriotic State has been vanquished. The Granite State slid quite a bit in the past 2 years, but at least it remains in the Top 10.

According to a survey done by the personal finance site WalletHub, New Hampshire came in 9th Most Patriotic, just behind neighboring Vermont.

WalletHub compared 13 critical patriotism indicators across states to determine where Americans are most patriotic.

Their data set included military enlistees and veterans, the share of adults voting in the 2020 presidential election, and the number of AmeriCorps volunteers per capita.

Coming in at #1: Alaska.

Dead last? Arkansas.

How Patriotic Were New England States?

We already established Vermont at #8 and New Hampshire at #9. But what about the rest of the New England states? According to WalletHub’s methodology, we’re pretty far down on the list.

Rhode Island came in 48th, Massachusetts was 46th, Connecticut was 45th, and Maine rounded out the 6 most northeastern states at number 15.