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Luke Bryan and his family recently celebrated their son Tate’s birthday with a trip to a theme park, and after a social post by his wife Caroline, the media started to report that Luke’s finger was broken. That is not the case, and Bryan took to his Instagram to put a stop to the rumor of an extremity injury.

Luke posted a video to Instagram saying, “I did not break my finger, and I did not break my finger at a roller coaster park. My finger is not broken; please stop reporting that it’s broken.” He captioned the clip, “It’s not broken.”

His buddy Jason Aldean replied, “I mean, it’s not that much of a stretch, @lukebryan. We all k ow u are accident-prone.”

Bryan’s wife also commented, “You got in Bo’s way. Admit it.”

Caroline’s original post said, “Another adventure in the books! Luke broke a finger, and I twisted another ankle… pretty much a normal day for us!”

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