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Dierks Bentley admits that his management gets on him sometimes because he doesn’t do enough on social media, and he has to remind himself to share parts of his life with his 2 million Instagram followers now and then. Dierks had no problem sharing his recent encounter with a poisonous snake.

Bentley was mountain biking when he came across the baby snake he picked up (with biking gloves on) and held cautiously in his hand. He said nervously in the video he shared, “That is a double black diamond pit viper, viper Cobra kai. See the color; it’s no rat snake… this is the real deal, ya’ll. This thing is poisonous, it’s small, it’s venomous, it’s potent because it’s so fresh.” He then breathes in heavy and says, “Alright.”

He captioned the video clip, “The dreaded Double Black Diamond Cobra Kai Pit Viper™️Viper snake! What ya think, @hardy.”

Several fans reacted to Dierks’ dangerous snake encounter. Actor Josh Brolin reacted, “Hahahhahaha.” One fan wrote, “Call it whatever you want; you got me! All snakes are poisonous in my book!” One more fan commented, “Definitely accidentally ran that dude over at Percy the other day. Tell it I’m sorry and that I didn’t see it until it was too late.” Another fan commented, “Holy heaven, be careful, stay safe.”

Hardy recently caught a garden snake while he was golfing and posted it to Instagram. Hardy wrote along with his video, “Idk what y’all are so afraid of…”

One fan reacted to Hardy’s post, “Your Hands are faster than Mike Tyson. #hellnaw.” Country singer Chris Lane commented, “Bro, you crazy.” One more fan observed, “I’m sure there will be a song about this.”

A childhood friend of Hardy said, “He’s been doing that since he was like 5 years old. Nbd.”

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