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Little Big Town stresses that they have lasted over 20 years together as a band of four because they are one big family. That family includes the members, their spouses, and their kids, who are now starting to approach their teenage years.

As the group told me, the teens are well dialed into their parent’s music careers and know what is happening daily; they are also not shy to give their opinions. Jimi Westbrook said with a laugh, “That started about seven years ago. Our kids are not short of opinions of our music and everything.”

Karen Fairchild agreed with her husband and said that the kids of LBT, including their son Elijah, who is 12, have already seen a bunch of stuff in their young lives. She said, “They are very savvy and have seen a lot. I mean, in one week, Elijah saw the Rolling Stones, the Eagles, and Adele at Hyde Park.” Jimi piped in, “And he had the best time at the Rolling Stones concert. And then when he left Adele, he was like, ‘I think that’s the greatest concert I’ve ever been to.”

Karen added, “They are all so used to, which I love this for them, they are all so used to being around music and creative people and people of all walks of life that they just enjoy it, and then they are also very opinionated about it.”

Elijah’s opinion isn’t always favorable of his mom and dad’s band or production. Fairchild recalled, “I know Elijah told me one day; you cannot take a lot of stuff on summer festivals; he didn’t understand that, so he’s standing side stage, and he’s like, ‘Is that your production?’ And I said, ‘Yeah,’ and he goes, ‘Well, you should go back to what you were doing on the ‘Nightfall Tour’ that’s not working,’ like it was my fault that the festival production was like it was. Yeah, they’re not short of opinions at all.”

Little Big Town will release a brand new album called Mr. Sun on Friday (9/16).

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