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Dierks Bentley likes to share his gratitude for those who work for him and are close to his life through words and handwritten notes. As Dierks shared on Instagram, he did just that for the many people who work for him in his band and crew on the road each year.

Bentley posted a video to Instagram showing over fifty handwritten letters on “Station Inn” (a club he worked at when he started out in Nashville) letterhead, many of them two pages long, from him to members of his crew lined up on the ground in his home. As he walked the house in his black socks, following his pages of notes, he said to his dog, “I know it’s kind of a weird thing to do.” He then gets to the end and speaks into the camera, “Wow, I can’t feel my hand.”

Fans were touched by his thoughtfulness for his crew, with one responding, “I love that you do this! You have the biggest heart and the best crew! Love you, Dierks! Merry Christmas.” Another fan wrote, “Handwritten notes are a lost art. Kudos for taking the time to do this; it will mean so much!” One more fan gushed, “So amazing you spent the time to handwrite a thank you note to them. What a thoughtful gift.”

Last month, Dierks and his partner TV’s Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, who played in Stephen Colbert’s Pickleball Tournament that aired on CBS, were the event’s champions.

Bentley and Phil appeared together on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss their victory. Bentley told Colbert, “Our plan was just to win; you know this is show business, but it’s not called ‘show friends,’ it’s called ‘show business.’ We were there to take care of business.” Phil said that Harry Potter actress Emma Watson, whose partner was boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, was the most competitive and tried to intimidate them by having a coach. Bentley joked that he still has nightmares about Emma’s evil eye. He said, of Watson, “Emma Watson like method acted her way through the whole thing; I don’t think she played pickleball at all. She was scary.”

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