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Carrie Underwood got some pretty sweet homemade Valentines yesterday (2/14) from her sons Isiah and Jacob, and she posted them on her Insta stories. Carrie posted an image of the sweet card seven-year-old Isiah gave his mom, and it was covered all in rainbow colors. The card read: “Dear Mom, You work so hard all the time. You are so loving when I am sick. I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day. Love, Isiah.” In the next photo, four-year-old Jacob’s card was pasted with paper color strips and read, “I Love You To Pieces.”

In the following Insta stories photo, Underwood was all dressed up with complete makeup; she wrote, “gettin’ all festive. #HappyValenetine’sDay.” In the final image, she wrote over a TV screen on her bus, “Great show tonight… now time to watch ‘My Bloody Valentine’ ’cause that’s how I roll.”

My Bloody Valentine is a 1981 slasher film that tells the story of a group of young adults who decide to throw a Valentine’s Day party, only to incur the vengeful wrath of a maniac in mining gear who begins a killing spree.

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Last week while on stage playing a show on her “Denim and Rhinestones Tour” in Charlotte, Carrie shared with the crowd that she, her husband, and her sons have a new family member: a new puppy.

After technical difficulties prompted her to chat a bit, Carrie told the crowd, “I adopted a puppy. Don’t tell my children. It’s a surprise.” An audience member asked her about the new puppy’s breed; she said, “I don’t know. The best kind. The rescue kind. We’re shelter dog people. That’s how we roll.”

She posted several images from that show on her Instagram, writing, “Charlotte was a blast last night! Thank you for being so sweet to us! Our soundboard was a little tired from all the awesomeness we’ve been serving up lately and needed a reboot mid-show…Thankfully, our hard-working crew got it back up and running, and you guys stuck with us! Thanks for making it a show we’ll never forget! #DenimAndRhinestonesTour #Charlotte @spectrumcenter @jeffjohnsonimages.”

Five Of Country Music's Creepiest Songs About Murder

  • "Two Black Cadillacs" - Carrie Underwood - 2013

    Carrie is the current queen of country music revenge songs, and this one takes it one step further to murder. The song’s video was filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, and draws inspiration from Stephen King’s novel Christine, which tells the story of a vintage automobile apparently possessed by supernatural forces. The video ends with the car running over the cheating man and repairing itself afterward.

    The murder appears in the song lyrics here, “Two months ago, his wife called the number on his phone / Turns out he’d been lying to both of them for oh so long / They decided then, he’d never get away with doing this to them / Two black Cadillacs waiting for the right time, right time.”

  • "Better Dig Two" - The Band Perry - 2013

    This trio of siblings had a significant hold on country music in 2013 when they released this song, their third number one. The trio got Best New Artist at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

    The song’s lyrics are “Well, it won’t be whiskey, won’t be meth / It’ll be your name on my last breath / If divorce or death ever do us part / The coroner will call it a broken heart.”

  • "Goodbye Earl" - The Chicks - 1999

    The 1999 video starred some Hollywood actors, including Dennis Franz as Earl, Jane Krakowski as Wanda, and Lauren Holly as Mary Ann. The song tells the story about Wanda, who had had it with Earl; she and her pal Mary Anne decided to take matters into their own hands.

    The lyrics include, “And it didn’t take ’em long to decide / That Earl had to die / Goodbye, Earl / Those black-eyed peas / They tasted alright to me, Earl / You feelin’ weak? / Why don’t you lay down and sleep, Earl / Ain’t it dark wrapped up in that tarp, Earl.”

  • "Papa Loved Mama" - Garth Brooks - 1991

    This top five song on the country charts was one that Garth co-wrote, and he said at the time it came out, “This song is just total fun at a chaotic pace.”

    The murderous lyrics are in part, “Well it was bound to happen, and one night it did / Papa came home, and it was just us kids / He had a dozen roses and a bottle of wine / If he was lookin’ to surprise us he was doin’ fine / I heard him cry for Mama up and down the hall / Then I heard a bottle break against the bedroom wall / That old diesel engine made an eerie sound / When Papa fired it up and headed into town / Well the picture in the paper showed the scene real well / Papa’s rig was buried in the local motel / The desk clerk said he saw it all real clear / He never hit the brakes and he was shifting gears.”

  • "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" - Reba - 1991

    A song that Reba remade from a classic from 1972 that actress Vicky Lawrence had a hit with. Reba told us it is one of her top five all-time favorite songs to sing.

    The lyrical story goes, “Well, they hung my brother before I could say / The tracks he saw while on his way / To Andy’s house and back that night were mine /, And his cheating wife had never left town / That’s one body that’ll never be found / You see, little sister, don’t miss when she aims her gun.”