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Carrie Underwood shared a day in her life on the road when she recently played a show in Atlanta on her “Denim and Rhinestones Tour.” In the multiple Insta story post, she started her day in a “mobile gym” for a workout.

Her long day went as follows:

  • She shared a photo of her in exercise gear, writing, “Workout = Crushed.”
  • Carrie then talked about her lunch which included two different kinds of beans and boiled eggs; she said, “It’s lunchtime on the bus.” She added, “I will get eggs from our chickens whenever we roll through town; I will bring them with me, put them in the fridge on our bus, and then boil them on our days off. I love eggs.”
  • In the next frame, she posted 12:30 PM = Shower.
  • Next, she explained that she goes through a special book made by her designers to pick the outfits she will wear for the night’s concert. She said, “Time to pick out what I am going to wear today.”
  • Her next frame was a video clip of herself going into hair and makeup – she wrote on the video, “2:15 PM head in for hair and makeup,” revealing in the next frame that she snacks on coffee and an almond chocolate bar while in the makeup chair.
  • 4:15 is soundcheck; she shared a video as she walked up to the stage and started to sing into the mic to make sure it all sounded great.
  • At 5:00 PM, it is dinner, and she explained, along with a photo, that each show day, she eats a strict never, changing dinner of “2 eggs, half of an avocado, veggies, and hummus.”
  • She then gets ready to meet fans at the nightly meet and greet, and a video clip shows that a whole rack of clothes comes out, and she picks her outfit for the meet and greet, which she explains her crew decorates just right for the fans.
  • After meet and greets are done, Carrie gets back into sweats and then stretches to get ready for the show, “Getting my body ready for the aero things that I do but also just being on stage.” She showed the whole stretch workout in fast motion, writing over it, “OMG, I am laughing so hard watching this is supersonic speed.”
  • In the next frame, she shows all the rhinestones, writing, “We don’t call it denim and RHINESTONES for nothing.” With makeup and clothes on for the show, she said in a video clip, “Rhinestones are on, the outfit is on, and now it’s time to hang out with the guys” as the band entered the room.
  • Underwood then shows herself waiting to go on stage from below the stage, and then throughout the show, depicts her going up the lift after costume changes and re-entering the stage multiple times.
  • As a video shows her coming down the lift back under the stage, she captioned it, “And… that’s a wrap, thank you, Atlanta!”
  • At 11:20, after the show, she is back on her bus enjoying some wine and cheese; she says, “I’m starving and this is my reward.” After saying how much fun she had at the show, she noted, “Now I have to try to make myself sleepy because there is just a lot of stimuli out there, and all my senses are on alert.”
  • In the last frame, she shows herself in her bed on the bus with the caption, “Night, night…” She says, “It’s about 1:15, and I’m trying to go to sleep. Hopefully, I get a good night’s sleep, and we’re gonna wake up and do it all again tomorrow in Charlotte. Hope you guys liked coming on tour with me today, yeah, that’s what I do.”

Carrie posted show photos on her Instagram after the show, writing, “Just when I think the crowds on the #DenimAndRhinestonesTour can’t get any better, we play Atlanta! What a wonderful treat it was to be with you all and get ROWDY on a Tuesday night @statefarmarena !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

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