Wicked Fall Guide

Sure: Snickers, Reese’s Pieces, M&Ms, and all the other traditional Halloween candy is popular, but sometimes it’s nice to try new things. Here are eight unusual but tasty types of Halloween candy you might want to consider this year.

Blackberry Cobbler Candy Corn

Of all the Halloween candy out there, Candy Corn gets a lot of hate. So try mixing up with different versions. According to Simplemost, there is now Blueberry Cobbler Candy Corn.

They write, “Instead of the signature yellow, orange and white, this version comes in white, purple and black, so it’s very aesthetically on-theme for Halloween. Blackberry cobbler is a perfect fall dessert flavor, too.”

Turkey Dinner Candy Corn

If Blueberry Candy Corn is a bit much for you, Brach’s has several other flavors. Some include Turkey Dinner Candy Corn, Caramel Candy Corn, Trolli Sour Bright Candy Corn, and even gluten-free Candy Corn.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel Cookies

Take your love for chocolate up a notch with Hershey’s with salted caramel cookies. According to Candy Hunting, they are available at Walmart.

Kit Kat Witch’s Brew

The Hershey’s website has a variety of new Kit Kat flavors, including Witch’s Brew. The green snacks have marshmallow filled creme and come in witch’s brew foil.

Kit Kat Apple Pie

Another impressive new Kit Kat flavor is apple pie. Other limited-time flavors available are Pumpkin Pie, Birthday Cake, Lemon Crisp, and Dark Chocolate Mint.

Star Wars Mandalorian Fruit Roll-Ups

Star Wars fans, ditch the normal Fruit Roll-ups, and try the Mandalorian version. According to Candy Hunting, there are three flavors per box: Strawberry Battle Burst, Cherry Orange Forge Fire, and Tropical Tracker Blast. And each roll has a Mandalorian themed tongue tattoo.

M&Ms Creepy Cocoa Crisps

Regular M&Ms are always a safe bet, but there is now also a Creepy Cocoa Crisp version. Candy Hunting states that they’ve been around since last year, and they have a cocoa crisp center surrounded by dark chocolate.


Vampire Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s has come out with Halloween-themed Vampire Hershey Kisses. The treat may look bloody, but it tastes sweet. According to Candy Hunting, they have strawberry creme filling and a milk chocolate shell.

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