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Nude Beaches In Massachusetts… Or At Least The Ones We Can Find

1. Moshup Beach – Aquinnah, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

I’ve actually been to this beach, and I have to say, there was a group of women who were sunbathing without their tops on. Moshup beach is a bit of a walk, but the gorgeous red clay cliffs of Aquinnah apparently give you enough privacy to whip the top off. This is a popular destination for tourists, and nude beach-goers usually gather about .3miles north of the beach’s entry, just below the Gay Head Lighthouse.

While I would never show my top off, I DID in fact, show my belly! (does that count?!)

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2. Longnook Beach – Truro, MA

Longnook Beach is another place where you can go and pop the top off. Once again, you’ll walk about 10-15 mins to the right of the entrance (near the cliffs) and you’ll find some some daring people letting it all hang out. Technically,  nudity is banned in this area because it’s part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, but park rangers don’t really say anything about it. So, live on the edge!

3. Herring Cove – Provincetown, MA

Herring Cove is located in Provincetown, and if you’re looking for nudity, just go about a mile south of the parking lot. According to myth, Herring Cove is mostly frequented mostly by gay men, and there’s a lesbian section slightly farther north. The nakie portion of the beach is located on a thin strip of land between Cape Cod Bay and a tidal lake, and we hear the warm lake water is perfect for swimming.

4. Lucy Vincent Beach – Chilmark, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Just a short 10 miles away from Moshup Beach in Martha’s Vineyard you’ll find Lucy Vincent Beach. Before you get excited to be nude, it’s actually a private beach so you’d either need a permit to visit, or maybe you can rent a house on Airbnb that sits on the sand. It’s said that Lucy Vincent is the most exclusive nude beach in America. ChaChing!

5. The Entire Island of Nantucket

Thanks to a bylaw amendment called “Gender Equality on Beaches,” people will now be allowed to be topless on any public or private beaches in Nantucket. The idea was originally introduced by the Nantucket Finance Committee when everyone voted in favor of the motion. Then Nantucket residents voted and approved it. And then the Massachusetts Attorney General signed off on it. Will you partake next summer season?