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If you’ve seen what appears to be David Schwimmer’s face plastered on a wanted poster recently, chances are you assume his “Friends’ days are long over and he must be struggling financially.

The actor recently made headlines after footage of someone who looks just like him surfaced online. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal but when said footage shows a theft taking place, that changes everything.

The incident occurred in England. Yesterday, police in the country released a photo of the man in the hopes of capturing the thief.

During the incident, the man was caught stealing beer.

Soon after, fans of ‘Friends’ pointed out the obvious, that the thief looked a lot like Ross.

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After seeing the headlines, Schwimmer responded to the allegations.

Naturally, he spoofed the video and told officers it wasn’t him because he was in New York at the time the incident occurred.

Too funny!

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